Are Your Tires Ready for Replacement?

New tires might not be something that was on your radar just yet, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need replacing. MDP Diesel & Auto wants you to know some of these big signs that you need new tires.

You’re Feeling Vibrations While Driving

Vibrations, when you’re driving, can be from a few different causes, but the easiest one to rule out is an issue with your tires. Other handling issues can help you to confirm that it’s your tires or find another answer. Pay attention to when the vibrations are the worst and don’t convince yourself that they will go away because they won’t go away on their own.

The Sidewalls Have Taken Some Damage

Take a closer look at the sidewalls of your tires. The tread does the heavy lifting, of course, but the sidewalls also have a lot to do with determining whether your tires are okay or not. The sidewall can end up with a variety of types of damage, including scuffs and scrapes that seem like they’re just on the surface, but are actually signs of deeper damage.

The Treads Are Uneven or Excessively Worn

You also want to check the tread. If the tread is starting to look completely worn, that’s not good news. It’s also bad news if the tread looks as if it’s wearing a lot more in some spots than it is in other spots. That’s an indication that there’s a problem elsewhere and the tire is just a symptom of that.

You’re Airing the Tires up Too Often

Are you finding yourself keeping track of all the spots where you can stop and throw some air in the tires? That’s not good news and it means that there’s something going on with your tires. Age can cause problems with air pressure, but there are other potential issues, like valve stem issues and even a slow leak from a puncture.

They’ve Hit Their Upper Age Limit

Do you know how old your tires are? If they’re getting close to the upper limit recommended by the tire manufacturer, it is probably time for a new set. Time really can fly, and before you know it, your tires may be getting too old to keep doing their job.

Let MDP Diesel & Auto in Jackson, MI help you to determine what’s happening with your tires. We’ll thoroughly inspect your car’s tires and let you know what you need to know to make the best decision about replacing them now or waiting.

Photo by sezer66 from Getty Images via Canva Pro