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Not all engines are created equally, and diesel drivers know what so few others do – diesel engines rule the roost. These impressive engines power the toughest machinery on Earth like Power Stroke, Duramax, or Cummins and can be counted on to handle the toughest jobs. At MDP Diesel & Auto in Jackson, MI, we love diesel engines as much as you do. Our team of diesel experts is specially trained to handle any problem these unique engines might encounter, and we can get your diesel engine vehicle or equipment humming like new in no time. If you are in Jackson, MI, and own diesel vehicles or equipment, you should add MDP Diesel & Auto to your speed dial today – you never know when you’ll need the best in the diesel engine business. We are the Diesel Repair Jackson #1 choice!

Diesel Service Jackson MI

Diesel engines come in three types: Power Stroke, Duramax, and Cummins. Each of these three brands of diesel engines comes with its advantages, but all three can definitely get the job done.

  • Ford Power Stroke Diesel Engine: First introduced in 1994, the Ford Power Stroke diesel engine has come a long way in terms of fuel efficiency, toughness, and environmental consciousness. One of the cleanest burning engines on the road, the Ford Power Stroke is often most admired for its impressive hauling ability.
  • Chevy/GMC Duramax Diesel Engine: Since 2001, the GM/GMC Duramax diesel engine has been impressing diesel enthusiasts worldwide. Usually installed in light or medium-duty commercial and personal trucks, these engines are often considered the most durable on the market.
  • Cummins Diesel Engine: The Cummins diesel engine is easily the most versatile diesel engine on the market. Found in everything from light-duty trucks to heavy-duty marine equipment, the Cummins diesel engine is regarded as one of the most dependable engines on the planet.

No matter which of the three engines you have, and no matter what type of vehicle or equipment you’ve got that diesel engine in, the diesel pros at MDP Diesel & Auto can get you fixed up fast.

Diesel Repair Jackson MI

Whether you’ve got a Duramax engine in your teenager’s truck or Cummins diesel engines in an entire fleet of service vehicles, when these engines break down, the only name you should think of MDP Diesel & Auto. Most auto shops in Jackson, MI, won’t even service a diesel engine vehicle, let alone service it right, so when we say we are the diesel experts, we mean it. When your diesel engine needs repair, let the pros at MDP Diesel & Auto prove why we are the best in the business.

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When your diesel engine – Power Stroke, Duramax, or Cummins, needs service or repair in Jackson, MI, bring it to the diesel experts at MDP Diesel & Auto. Our team will get your diesel engine back in shape fast and back up any work we do with a 3 year/36k mile warranty. Make an appointment with MDP Diesel & Auto today!

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