Semi Truck Repair

No one likes it when their semi-truck breaks down, and it can be costly. Do you know how much money you lose when your semi-truck or box truck stops in the middle of a route? It is way more than the price to keep it maintained. At MDP Diesel & Auto, we are dedicated to ensuring you are earning money by keeping your large diesel trucks up and running. If you have some semi-trucks in the area or are just driving through Jackson, MI, see us for a service.

SEMI Truck Service & Repair Jackson MI

Your truck can pick up a lot of dirt from those long hauls. This dirt build-up could lead to a clog in the engine systems and cause a breakdown. Keep your engine clean and running smoothly with regular oil changes. Have you checked your brakes anytime recently? Keeping your brakes fresh and their brake fluid topped off is a surefire way of keeping you or your drivers safe on the road. Cars will inevitably cut you off while driving down the road, and having brakes that work and are responsive will save some lives. Keep your vehicle safe and ready to go with scheduled maintenances at regular intervals. MDP Diesel & Auto is your one-stop-shop for large semi services and repairs. Some repairs we offer include:

  • Front & Rear Axle
  • PTO’s
  • AC & heating
  • Generator & compressor repairs
  • Transfer pump & valves
  • Transmission
  • Clutch
  • Fuel pump
  • And many more

Every service comes with a 3 year / 36k warranty, and we perform quality control checks before you even leave the shop. Rest assured that you came to the right place when you receive a service from MDP Diesel & Auto. Some semi brands we service and repair include but are not limited to Cummins, Cat, Detroit, Ford, GMC, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Mack, Western Star, Freightliner, Sterling, White GMC, White Volvo, and Dodge.

SEMI Trucks – Service & Repair Near Me

When it comes to semi repairs in Jackson, MI, it is not easy to find repair shops that do the work we do. Most shops don’t even work on diesel vehicles. We are one of the few that works on these large vehicles. There are other diesel repair shops, but none are as good as MDP Diesel & Auto. Jackson MI’s best diesel & automotive repair shop is here to serve you, your semis, or even your equipment. We can do it all. Give us a call or visit us for more information or set an appointment. We look forward to seeing how we can help you.