Oil Change And Maintenance In Jackson, MI

oil changeThe simple oil change is the single most important piece of preventative maintenance you can have performed on your vehicle. It doesn’t matter whether you drive a Ford Focus with a tiny, unleaded gasoline engine, a Dodge truck with a Duramax engine, or one of a fleet of diesel vehicles, the importance of oil changes can’t be downplayed. All engines need regular oil changes to keep running like they did the day they rolled off the line. And while it can be easy to trust this quick service to just any auto shop or chain of lube service centers, when you want this essential service done right, you know you can trust the pros at MDP Diesel & Auto in Jackson, MI.

Oil Change In Jackson, MI

When your engine is running, not only are its components moving at incredible speed, but they also generate an intense amount of heat. Engine oil keeps both the friction between moving parts and the heat low by lubricating each metal piece, keeping them from grinding together. Over time, heat and friction break down engine oil, and the oil change is the process of removing the dirty oil and replacing it with a fresh batch, keeping your engine properly lubricated from all the hard work you put it through. When we perform the oil change on your engine, we also replace the oil filter, which helps keep gunk and debris from getting caught in the engine oil. Many drivers swear they can tell the difference in their car’s driveability before and after an oil change, and we believe them!

Preventative Maintenance In Jackson, MI

Though an oil change is by far the most frequent preventative maintenance drivers will have performed on their vehicles, it is far from the only preventative auto maintenance we offer here at MDP Diesel & Auto. Our techs can work with you and your vehicle to set up milestone services for all your car’s various systems, making sure that you stay on the road and driving for years to come. Among the preventative maintenance services we offer are:

  • Belts & Hoses
  • Fluids & Filters
  • Tire Services
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Transmission, Brakes, Suspension
  • And More

When it comes to keeping your car running like it did on day one, trust the team at MDP Diesel & Auto.

Oil Change Near Me

If you keep up with the scheduled oil changes and preventative maintenance on your vehicle, good on you for being a responsible driver and vehicle owner. If you can’t remember the last time you had your oil changed, chances are you are probably due. Whichever driver category you fall into, the oil change and preventative maintenance experts at MDP Diesel & Auto in Jackson, MI are here to help. Make an appointment with us today!