Four Signs of Suspension Issues in Your Diesel Vehicle

Suspension trouble is a lot bigger issue than most car owners realize. Your vehicle’s suspension takes a lot of abuse, and eventually, some pieces can wear out. MDP Diesel & Auto has some advice about what to be on the lookout for regarding suspension trouble.

Handling and Steering Issues

How your car drives and how easy it is to steer is all part of what the steering and suspension systems do. When there are issues in the suspension system, you might find that your car is tougher to maneuver. You might even feel as if you’re having trouble steering the car or getting it to go exactly where you want it to go. All of this can be down to suspension trouble.

Uncomfortable Ride

But it’s more than just fighting the car. You might also find that the car just doesn’t feel good to ride in anymore, either. You might feel every single bump, even the smaller ones, as if the car doesn’t have any cushioning anywhere. The car might also be more “wobbly” than usual, seeming to bounce a lot. That’s definitely a suspension issue.

New Noises

You might also be hearing some new noises when your car hits a bump or when you make a turn. These noises might be clicking sounds, pops, or even squealing sounds that you only hear when you’re turning the car. Often these noises are coming from parts in the suspension that are failing. Getting them checked when you start hearing odd sounds can help you to avoid getting stranded somewhere.

It Just Looks Wonky

If you step back and look at the vehicle, does it look like one side or one corner is a little bit lower than the others? That could be because of a suspension issue. Failing shocks or other suspension parts can sink a bit or have trouble supporting the weight of the vehicle. That results in the vehicle looking off kilter, sometimes by a lot. You might feel that same corner sink down a lot more than the others when you press on it from outside the car.

We can help with suspension issues, no matter what you’re driving. Give us a call at MDP Diesel & Auto in Jackson, MI. We’ll set up an appointment for you and help you to diagnose what’s going on with your vehicle’s suspension. Once we know what’s going on, we can give you an accurate recommendation about what to do next.

Photo by Nejron via Canva Pro