3 Tips For First Time Diesel Drivers

For drivers who need a little extra power under their hood, driving diesel is the obvious choice.  And if you’ve recently gotten your first diesel truck, driving your pickup off the dealership lot for the first time was likely a huge point of pride for you, and you want that pride to last as the miles add up on your diesel engine. Because diesel’s trucks are such specialty vehicles, you might be at a loss for how to keep up with the needs of your truck, and how to make sure it stays durable for years to come. Thankfully, the diesel experts at MDP Diesel & Auto are here to help you with some tips every first time diesel driver should know!

Get Familiar With The Owners Manual and Manufacturer Recommendations

Part of being a responsible diesel driver is staying informed on all of your car’s needs, and the best way to do that is to read up on your owners manual and vehicle manufacturer recommendations. Reading up on this will help you figure out the best schedule for oil changes and other services so that your diesel engine can run smoothly!

Check On Your Oil Levels

One of the main differences between diesel and gasoline engines is that diesel engines tend to burn through motor oil faster, mostly due to hauling and driving at higher speeds with more frequency. Because of this, you’re going to need to check in on your motor oil and other vital fluids more often to make sure your diesel engine can stay cool and lubricated!

Be Prepared For Cold Weather

Cold weather can be particularly harsh on diesel engines, and when the temperatures drop you can expect your diesel to have difficulties starting up, or even starting up at all. To prevent this, try and make sure to park in covered, dry areas, and use your diesel’s block heater. You can hook up the block heater to your home’s electrical system, and it should help keep your diesel engine warm enough to start up easily. Be sure to check your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations for more information and operational instructions for the block heater.

For All Your Diesel Needs, Come To MDP Diesel & Auto!

For top quality diesel service and maintenance, put your trust in the pros at MDP Diesel & Auto! From oil changes to engine repair, we’ve got you covered with the best diesel service available in Jackson, MI. Call or book online for your appointment today!

Photo by Leads Near Me via Canva Pro